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“Don’t swear,” I said to him; then turning to the inspector I added: “It’s my bag.”


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"Not exactly." Fidele Barbey was not used to Mr Krest's brand of rudeness. He looked mildly embarrassed. "Though we made quite a lot out of tortoise-shell and mother-of-pearl about a hundred years ago when there was a rage for these things. Copra's always been our main business."

-No, that's probably funny. Want to hear more? -Yes. -I've read the Marmora Herald pretty thoroughly. -You're not carrying a book? -That's right. I forgot you're the man who taught me to always carry a book.... What are you doing? -I'm lying in the dark. I'll come and get you, Clara. -Will you be okay? The girl said you have a broken arm. -I'll bring her with me. She'll keep me awake. She's very earnest about things like that. -The kind of woman you always wanted. -That's right. She saved my life. -Are you her father, Patrick? -What's the name of the restaurant? -"Heart of Marmora. " -Give us about five hours or so. I need a short rest ... wait. Are you there? -Yes. -I am her father. He rose and went to Hana's room. He felt exhausted. -Who is she, Patrick? -Hana, I need you to come with me, to drive up to Marmora. -The sled-dog capital of Ontario? -What? ... What! She was beaming. -She told me, Patrick, when I asked her where the call was coming from. We're going all the way there to pick her up? -Yeah.


"I'll expose ye," stormed McEachern. "I'll expose ye. Will ye deny that ye was a crook in New York?"

“The life of a miser is very little worth relating, as it is one constant scheme of getting or saving money. I shall therefore repeat to you some few only of my adventures, without regard to any order.

Hipp. Not the reverse of what is just and righteous, Socrates, God forbid! for scarcely could any other legislate aright, of not God himself.

The next portion went to George, the third to Mul-tal-la, and last of all Deerfoot provided for himself. This was his invariable rule, and all his friends knew it so well that they never protested.

Once again Bond ran over the hazy outline of his plan. If he could gain access to the castle, he felt pretty confident of finding a means to kill Blofeld. But he was also fairly certain that he himself would die in the process. Dulce et decorum est… and all that jazz! But then he thought of Kissy, and he wasn't so sure about not fearing for himself. She had brought a sweetness back into his life that he thought had gone for ever.

“You have! Is it far from here?”

As the father held out his arms for the child, each of the two men looked steadily at the other.

1.‘I have been unwell, Anna Vassilyevna,’ answered Insarov; ‘and even now I am not quite strong yet: but I hope my native air will make me perfectly well again.’

2.  1995年9月,从辉由高校进入安徽省公安厅,之后曾长期担任秘书,2000年任省公安厅党委秘书(副处级)、办公室秘书科科长,次年任公安厅办公室副主任。


“I kind o’ knew you hadn’t.... You’ve al’ays had things—had ’em done for ye—on dry land—It’s all right... and you’ve got things—” Uncle William looked at him admiringly, “Things ’t George and me won’t ever get, like enough.” He smiled on him affectionately, “But we wouldn’t swap with ye, Benjy.”



Flicker, flicker, flicker, flame!


Life and the world, or whatever we call that which we are and feel, is an astonishing thing. The mist of familiarity obscures from us the wonder of our being. We are struck with admiration at some of its transient modifications, but it is itself the great miracle. What are changes of empires, the wreck of dynasties, with the opinions which supported them; what is the birth and the extinction of religious and of political systems to life? What are the revolutions of the globe which we inhabit, and the operations of the elements of which it is composed, compared with life? What is the universe of stars, and suns, of which this inhabited earth is one, and their motions, and their destiny, compared with life? Life, the great miracle, we admire not, because it is so miraculous. It is well that we are thus shielded by the familiarity of what is at once so certain and so unfathomable, from an astonishment which would otherwise absorb and overawe the functions of that which is its object.

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“Yes, if one only earns fifty cents,” answered Tom, smiling.

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